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Benchmark’s Top five Dining Trends

By on March 25, 2014

Benchmark Hospitality International® is a leading U.S.-based hospitality management company with two distinctive portfolios of properties: Benchmark Resorts & Hotels® and Personal Luxury Resorts & Hotels®.  The trends were observed by Benchmark’s executive chefs and culinary experts at the company’s 39 luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants.  These range from the luxurious Bardessono in Napa Valley to the landmark Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore, to the extraordinary ONE Bal Harbour Resort & Spa in Miami and the exotic Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Curacao.

“There is nothing more personal than food,” says Executive Chef Victor Scargle of Bardessono Hotel and its acclaimed restaurant, Lucy.  “Consumers today have an amazing personal connection with what they put into their bodies.  Fresh, local, in season – it’s what every informed consumer looks for.”  Chef Scargle continued, “This really isn’t new – it’s what our grandmothers did day after day.  They knew exactly what their family dined on as they had grown it in the garden and purchased it from the local butcher.  It was fresh, in season, and bursting with flavour.”  Mr. Scargle concluded, “Across the nation, this is what consumers want today – not much has changed from grandma’s table!”


Dining Trend #1

Chef Crafted! It’s one of the hottest trends in the culinary world, whether smoking, canning, putting up jams and relishes, pickling, or farming. Chefs today are personally creating every component and ingredient in their kitchen for total control over quality and flavour in what they’re serving each evening.  Many learned these skills organically at the knee of their grandmothers and are taking these forward into the 21st century culinary experience.

Dining Trend #2

3000 Years of Protein Perfection!  The gluten-free, superfood Quinoa is among the top ingredients chefs use this year.  It’s no wonder as quinoa is ideal for breakfast as a muesli, or for lunch and dinner as a side dish.  The rich protein grain was first domesticated three millennia ago by the Andean peoples.  The Incas considered the high protein food to be sacred.  And, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 as the “International Year of Quinoa!”

Dining Trend #3

Parental Controls!  Moms and dads are demanding healthier preparation for traditional children’s menu selections — grilled over fried for the perennial kids’ favourite, chicken fingers; baked over deep fried for potato “fries” of all varieties; hummus and fresh fruit dips over fat-laden sauces.  As any parent knows, breaking kids eating habits is challenging, so they’re making sure these habits are as healthy as possible.

Dining Trend #4

Smoke, anyone?  Smoking has been around as a preservative since the first fire was set.  But it’s only now that “smoked” has moved out of the smokehouse and into everything else.  How about smoked cocktails, smoked olive oils, smoked heavy cream for sauces … or even smoked water? Yes, smoked H2O!  And the cooking with tea trend of the last few years has evolved into smoking with coffee and cocoa.

Dining Trend #5

Tell me again, specifically which boat was involved?  Guests are becoming increasingly more insistent on knowing the specific origin of food they enjoy, including the waters where their salmon was fished, the name of the boat and its captain.  To say “Wild Caught” no longer suffices.  In the same vein, guests want to know the history of a restaurant they’re about to dine at, and even of the surrounding region.

Dining has become a comprehensive experience, much like a century ago, when the oysters eaten for dinner were observed being gathered that morning in the harbour just beyond, and the restaurant reflected the character of its neighbourhood.  Dining today is interactive, with guests peppering the wait staff and chef with questions about sustainability, responsible husbandry, and local, chef-prepared ingredients.

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