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Do it to Music

By on September 27, 2013

Planners already know the importance of music when coordinating a conference or social event. How about in preparation for conferring with a client in a different language?

That catchy alphabet  tune may be all that you remember from Grade 3 French class (ixe, igrec et zède!) and here’s why: new research from the University of Edinburg’s Reid School of Music suggests that musical accompaniment affects memory. In a small study of three randomly assigned groups, those who sang Hungarian phrases showed better memory than those who merely spoke them. The singing groups also were able to recall the phrases with greater long-term accuracy. (Hungarian was chosen because it is unfamiliar to most English speakers and difficult to learn, with a different structure than Germanic and Romance languages such as Spanish and French.)


So if you’re looking to master Mandarin, finesse French, or dally in Dutch – do it musically. 

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