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Five Tips To Save Cold Hard Cash

By on September 30, 2013

Event Planners are being asked to stretch their audiovisual (AV) budgets to maximize the value to their organization. Here’s how:

1 – Work Directly With Your AV Firm

Working directly with your AV firm means you are talking directly to an expert.  An expert understands the best AV system for your event. The best value for your event means a well designed system that delivers exactly what is required: not too much or not quite enough.

2 – Talk About Your Annual Requirements

Letting your AV firm understand what you require for an entire year provides an opportunity to set equipment standards and pricing on an annual basis. Predictable and sustainable work is important to all business and AV is no different. You may be able to negotiate your best value by talking about your entire year and not just one event at a time.  A single training event would most likely not qualify for a discount, but presenting a list of 30 training events could.

3 – Match Your Venue With Your Event Goals

An appropriate room for an event can save AV costs. If a training session to a large audience requires video projection, do not book the room with floor to ceiling windows that provide a beautiful southern view of the city! You will now need to install window shades and rent a brighter projection system than could otherwise be used.

4 – Group Your Breakout Rooms By AV Requirement

Understand what AV system your presenters require and then schedule the presentations that can utilize the same system in the same room.

5 – Understand the Venues Contract Before You Sign!


Understand the venues policies and AV pricing before signing the contract. Some venues will provide a podium microphone and projection screen at no charge. Other venues will add service charges if you bring your own AV equipment or AV supplier. Ask questions before you sign the contract!

Ralph Niekamp, Inland AV Saskatoon General Manager, addresses audiovisual considerations important to event planners. As a branch manager, Ralph brings a unique perspective as he is involved in permanent systems design, integration and AV rentals applications.

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