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By on March 25, 2014

We asked Amber, who worked as a barmaid for 5 years while putting herself through school and who is a gin aficionado to do a taste test of what is now considered the world’s best gin. Here’s her report.

Exciting news for the Gibson, Gimlet and Gin Fizz  (all gin based cocktails): there’s a new gin in town, and funny enough, it’s made right here in our hometown of Quebec.

Ungava, a term meaning “towards the open water”, is a Canadian Premium dry gin, and was dubbed “Best in Show” at the recent World Spirits Competition. Ungava is characterized as a modern gin as it infuses several floral elements as opposed to the traditional gins that focus on juniper. From the same makers as Pinnacle Ice Cider, the sauce is made on the Northern tip of Quebec, where the climate of the region allows the production of wild rose hips, Arctic blend, cloudberry, Labrador tea, crowberry and of course, juniper. These rare ingredients come together and  give Ungava its unique aroma and color.

The gold hued spirit pairs well with tonic, shaken as a classic martini, or simply on the rocks. Described as “floral and spicy with a hint of tart”, its suggested garnish is a piece of grapefruit. Ungava is $35 per bottle and is currently available in Quebec and Alberta. Ungava gin was recently awarded a general listing with the LCBO and should be on shelves starting March 2014.  Until then, you can order Ungava through private order with the liquor commissions by contacting them directly.  It is also available in Duty Free shops.

If you want a drink that is unique and current, here are some recommended Ungava recipes for your next event . Cheers!

Asian Persuasion


1 oz (30ml) Ungava gin
1 oz (30ml) lime juice
1/2 oz (15ml) green tea syrup
1 oz (30ml) soda


Cilantro stem and leaf


Load highball glass with ice and add ingredients finishing with soda. Garnish with cilantro.



1 oz (30ml) Ungava gin
1 oz (30ml) Campari Apertivo
3 oz (90ml) Limonata San Pellegrino
2 oz (60ml) Prosecco

Garnish & Other

Orange prism
Liquid nitrogen


Using an old-fashioned glass, load a small amount of liquid nitrogen. Add the gin, Campari and Limonata. Start Prosecco crust with layering nitrogen then adding Prosecco slowly. Garnish with orange prism.

Ungava & Tonic


1 1/2 oz (45ml) Ungava gin
2 oz (60ml) tonic soda


Grapefruit wedge


In an old-fashioned glass filled with ice, add the ingredients, stir well, and garnish with grapefruit wedge.

Arctic Fizz


1 1/2 oz (45ml) Ungava gin
1 oz (30ml) lemon juice
1/2 oz (15ml) simple syrup
3 oz (90ml) soda


Orange zest and cherries


Load Boston shaker with ice and all carbonate free ingredients. Shake and strain over ice loaded highball glass. Garnish with orange zest and cherries. Finish with soda and sip using long straw.

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Drink responsibly!

Amber Jackson.

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