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Lights, Camera…Action!

By on May 11, 2012


Lights, Camera, Action…usually words used on a Hollywood set, but just as fitting for the final productions event planners oversee, and definitely three words to describe current trends in the party industry.

Lights… Lighting is being used to create a subtle but dramatic flair in any room decor.  through the use of lighting, focal points can be enhanced, colour can be added to otherwise mundane walls, monograms or logos can be projected onto a wall, dance floor or ceiling to give an event a more personal and customized touch.   Light-up tables and accessories – such as serving trays or glassware – are just a few ideas to help put your party in the limelight.  To create an elegant effect, pin-spot lighting is used to enhance centrepieces.  Lighting can set the mood and tone for a party.  Changing the lighting effects throughout the evening will help change the atmosphere as well.  For example, subtle lighting for dinner and speech time and more dynamic moving lighting for dancing and partying.

Lighting design and services can often be provided by a DJ or sound and lighting company.  Many venues now have in-house technicians to provide these services.  Be aware that in some older buildings, additional power or generators may be required to make sure your lighting attempts don’t create a black-out…that would be dramatic!

Camera…  Digital photography has brought so many new photo opportunities to events.  How many times have you had your picture taken, but then NEVER gotten to see it?  Now, many photographers offer an on-line service (2-3 days after your event) where guests obtain a password to a site where party pictures can be displayed.  Of course, through Facebook and other social networks, your party can go viral before you’ve even said good night to your guests.  As well, a photographer can take a series of photos and then within minutes, have them flashing on a screen, re-capping precious moments from the event.

Photo booths are becoming very popular and not only are used as souvenir of the event, but also can be used as part of a guest book.  Speaking of which, there are now amazing “sign-in” books being created on-line or through a professional.,  These a coffee- table style  hard-cover books, display beautiful photo collages capturing a lifetime of memories with loved ones.  Then you have a conversation piece and guest book, rolled into one.   The newest trend in photography is 3D; now you can create 3D photos and movies capturing your event.

Action… There is a definite trend to interactive. Make sure that guests are not just entertained, but that they are involved.   Sometimes, in an attempt to be creative and generous, there are just too many things happening and people get overwhelmed.  Parties should have a rhythm and flow throughout the evening.  No-one can party for five hours straight. Give people the opportunity to talk and interact with others – they don’t have to be entertained every minute!  When there is entertainment, it should encourage guests to participate, not just watch or listen… When it comes to food stations, the fun lies in creating to please your own taste buds.  Choose toppings at a potato station, pick your favourite flavour at a chip or popcorn cart or create your own cookie, these are just a few ways to interact.

Most importantly, your professional anticipating and trouble-shooting will enable your client to maximize their own event!  Combined with some of these trends, you are sure to be awarded “Best Planner”!


Karen Garscadden of Karen Garscadden Consulting Inc. can be reached atl: (905) 731-1648

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