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We asked Julia Kampis of the University Club of Montreal to give us an overview of Club possibilities

By on July 21, 2014

The University Club of Montreal is one of the most exclusive establishments in Montreal. Founded in 1907 by leading academics of the Golden Square Mile, the Club today remains true to the motto set out by founding fathers Stephen Leacock and Dr.  John McCrae: collegiality and the sharing of ideas. In honour of our celebration this past January of the 100th anniversary of our historic downtown building, located at 2047 Mansfield, we are opening our doors for the first time to non-members, under certain circumstances.

How can you use the Club?  Other than being a member here are a few other ways for you to approach us:

  • Our one-month guest card: At all times, we can offer a limited number of one-month guest cards that will give you access to the Club for a one-month period. During this time, we will treat you like a member.  There is no charge for the guest card. You pay only for your usage.
  • Corporate privileges package: Any association or corporation can take the corporate privileges package which offers annual access to the Club. Ten (10) people can be designated by the association or corporation who will be entitled to use the private rooms, bedrooms, catering and parking facilities. Additional access to the Club requires membership.

At anytime, the Club is prepared to open our doors to you for a single special event without taking any of the offers above. How can this be done? It is as simple as calling us. What kind of special events can you host at the Club? Anything you wish including marriages, special dinners, corporate parties, engagement parties and more. For non-members, a deposit is required and access is always subject to availability. Naturally, our members are always given first priority. After all, membership has its privileges.

So, you thought you couldn’t use a private club facility? This is but a brief introduction to the University Club of Montreal to spark the thought: Who can I bring with me to dine at the Club?

So the next time one of your good clients wants to arrange a special dinner for himself and a small group of his friends. What better way to tell them how important they are to you than by offering them a gourmet dinner at the Club!


Who to contact at the University Club of Montreal:

  • For general inquiries, membership information, guest card or the corporate privileges package: Contact Julia Kampis, Membership and Marketing Manager – 514-288-0201 ext. 258 or


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