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Musician jailed in Dubai

By on July 21, 2014

The drummer of the German rock band Scorpions, James Kottak, was arrested in Dubai for “drinking alcohol” and “insulting Islam.”

The musician was in Dubai airport transit, on his way to Bahrain for a scheduled concert. According to Dubai police, Kottak was drinking alcohol on board the flight from Moscow to Dubai, and upon arrival at the airport terminal “began insulting” the Muslims present there with “words and gestures”.

As a result, Dubai court sentenced the musician to a fine of two thousand dirhams ($500) for drinking alcohol, and to imprisonment for one month. Kottak himself denied the accusations against him, saying that he did not offend the feelings of the Muslims, but confessed to the use of alcohol.

After serving his sentence, Kottak will be deported.

So planners, if you are planning to take a group to Dubai, remember to keep them in line!

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