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Ten Most Valued Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers

By on March 25, 2014

Clean rooms and comfortable beds are important, but today’s business travelers want a lot more than that. Here are the top 10 amenities to attract business travelers:


1. Airport Pickup and Drop-off

In any city, traffic can be troublesome, and the last thing a business traveler wants to do is meander through city traffic. Road warriors will appreciate airport pickup and drop-off offered by the hotel.

2. Free High- Speed, Wireless Internet  

Today, one of the most wanted hotel amenities for business travelers is Wi-Fi connectivity. A corporate traveler cannot spend even a single day without having Internet connectivity, even while on vacation. Road warriors need high- speed, wireless Internet connectivity to stay in touch and getting it free of charge is attractive.

3. Gadget Charging Station and Electrical Wall Sockets

Corporate travelers never travel without their gadgets – notepads, laptops, smartphones, tablets and iPads. However, in their hurry to catch a flight, many business travelers often forget their chargers. Having a gadget charging station in the hotel room can give such business travelers peace of mind and reduce their stress. Furthermore, business travelers expect hotel rooms to have electrical wall sockets that allow them to plug in their chargers. Hence, having several electrical wall sockets makes it easy and convenient for travelers to charge their gadgets while they go about their normal routine.

4. Full-Service Business  

A corporate traveler needs many business related services. Hence, a hotel should have a full-fledged business centre including a printer, scanner, copier, fax machine and computers. It is important to keep the centre running round the clock, as business travelers may want to use it at all times of the day and night, especially if they are dealing with partners and associates in other countries. In addition, a centre with IT staff that can be called in case of problems and glitches would be the ultimate icing on the cake!

5. Notebooks, Tablets, Other Gadgets and Vehicle Rental Facilities

Corporate travelers do not feel like burdening themselves with equipment. Hence, a hotel that allows business travelers to rent notebooks, tablets and other gadgets is much appreciated. It means that these guests can travel light and still have access to everything they need to fulfill their business obligations. Vehicle rental is another facility that hotels should seriously consider. Vehicles can be chauffeured or self-driven, booked at a desk in the lobby, providing the freedom to travel via automobile during any trip.

6. Meeting/Conference Room with Multimedia Equipment

Corporate travelers may require a venue for their meetings and business-related talks. A conference or meeting room with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment ensures this without any complications. Hotels should also consider a dedicated room with equipment such as a flat-screen TV, speakers, microphones, LCD projectors and other audio visual gadgets which allow business-related meetings to flow smoothly and comfortably.

7. Recreational and Entertainment Facilities

A typical business traveler is always busy and may not get time to work out. They look for swimming pools and gyms to get their daily dose of physical activity. Some like to use treadmills, while others may prefer doing a few laps before they head out for a meeting. Having a spa is also a good idea, as corporate travelers are often looking for ways to de-stress and re-energize.

8. In-house Restaurant and Mini-Bar

Another amenity that a business traveler loves is an in-house restaurant that serves delicious and mouthwatering dishes. Having an in-house restaurant ensures that road warriors can get a break from the bland and insipid fare that is usually served at meetings and conferences, and they can also invite their guests for a business meal. Hotels can offer their business guests complimentary breakfast, and they can be certain that the guests will love returning to the same hotel during the next business trip. Having a mini-bar in the room also makes sense, as many business travelers love to have a drink or two after a long day. It can help them relax, and having a mini-bar in the room means that the tired guest does not have to go the hotel bar for a drink. Alternatively, 24 hours room service can satisfy.

9. Include Necessary Facilities in Business Traveler’s Time and Budget

Hotels should make it a point to provide all the necessary facilities without hiking up the cost for those facilities and amenities. In fact, providing these amenities should be standard in hotels wishing to attract more corporate travelers. Ensuring that the room has a desk, chair, desk lamp, writing paraphernalia, mini-bar, Wi-Fi, television and electrical wall sockets should be standard in such hotels.

10. 24/7 Housekeeping

Finally, the hotel should have housekeeping available around the clock. Business travelers often have meetings and discussions late into the night, and when they return, they may want their clothes ready for the next day, shoes polished, fresh towels, room cleaned or bed turned down. They should be able to get this service at any time of the day (or night). 24/7 housekeeping is a must for hotels that want to attract and retain road warriors as clientele.



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