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The most powerful tools

By on April 9, 2013

 to bring emotion into your event

By Marc-André Routhier

Nothing is more powerful than emotion to create impactful event-driven communications, but how to create emotions, or generate them in the participants?

Someone versed in the secrets of emotion is able, even with limited means, to create extraordinary experiences that will be remembered by the company for many years.

In this article, I hope to share the main levers of emotions with you – those that you can play on and work with or influence. Mastering the power of emotion will help you immensely in amplifying the impact of your events.

Principal Emotional Levers

To successfully create emotions in your next communications event, I suggest you use the following outline to guide you in your production prep.

Emotion creation process

# 1 – Identify the emotion you want to evoke. Do you want to generate audacity, courage, hope, optimism, admiration, appreciation, attachment or simply joy, pleasure and happiness? The more specific you are in your requirements, the more you will be able to choose the right type of communication and the best medium to generate the desired emotion.

# 2 – Identify the type of communication to be adopted. What type of communication should you use to create the desired emotions? Remember that for each emotion, there is an optimal mode of communication, designed to effectively create a specific emotion. There are key types that are particularly effective for communication events.

Emotion Group #1 – inspirational emotions: courage, determination, enthusiasm, optimism, spirit, engagement

–       Speech: A speech about the goals of a leader and his confidence in the future has the potential to evoke powerful emotions. This is the method of communication that great world leaders use to mobilize, inspire and bring together nations. Surround yourself with a good copy writer, support your leader and his message, and it will affect both the imagination of your guests and your event.

A Conference: a conference celebrating the story of someone who overcame adversity can give us courage to face our daily challenges. Be clear about the desired emotion. Choose your speakers according to their ability to generate it.

Agree on the message most likely to create the desired effect. Avoid purely prestigious speakers if they cannot generate the emotion.


Emotion Group #2 – the emotions of attachment: admiration, appreciation, affection, sympathy

– A tribute: recognize staff and individual achievements, but more so in terms of their contribution to humanity, as it is extremely effective and brings people together. A tribute creates a lasting connection between the participants and the celebrated person. Identify contributions. Get statements from people who have benefited from the person’s contribution. Thank your audience. The magic is waiting for you!

Biography / Documentary: telling the story of the company, its founders and the purpose of the organization humanizes business. The story offers a sense of purpose and brings people together around the values ??conveyed by the company. Do a search on the founding of your organization. Identify developmental milestones. Show the meaning behind every great moment in the business and you will develop a sense of the extraordinary.

Emotion Group #3 – the emotions of happiness: pleasure, laughter, joy

The Year in Review: comedy can be an exceptional tool for happiness in business. It helps to relax, lighten the atmosphere and build energy. Conduct a comedic review of the year starring members of the team involved in funny situations or good times, laughter and memories. Identify the highlights of the year. Create a theme. Write funny stories and involve the hidden comedians within your business. You will experience a great time with your people.

# 3 – Identify the best person to get the message across: who is the most efficient messenger depending on the type of communication chosen? All communicators have a comfort zone and expertise. The key is to choose the person most likely to deliver the message effectively. Support tools (video, teleprompter) can compensate for some weaknesses in communication, but they will not provide the impact which natural talent will.

# 4 – Identify the best medium: what is the best medium to allow you to send the message with emotion? There are a variety of mediums that increase the impact of communication. Here are a few that are particularly effective for communication events.

Mediums of inspiration:

-Presentation software: the basic Keynote or Powerpoint presentation images can deliver a lot of strong emotions quite simply. Avoid text. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

– Movie posters: make posters featuring the hero of your corporate adventure. You can generate a craze. Avoid the burlesque.

– A trailer-like video: recreate your business challenge like a movie trailer. Take it seriously, as if it were true. You will maximize the emotional impact.

Mediums of affection:

-Documentary: made with care, it can teach more about the company, help foster loyalty and have staff identify with it better. Avoid traditional corporate video style if it does not communicate emotion.

-The intimate report: create a report about the person being honoured. Help your guests discover the person behind the character. Avoid clichés and jargon. Get your people to talk simply and from the heart.

Mediums of happiness:

-TV Show: nothing is more powerful than a good show staged with care and professionalism. A review of the year in the form of a TV show will allow you to impress and make your guests happy while passing on messages from your management team. Again, avoid the burlesque.

In conclusion, your role goes well beyond event production. You are true directors. Emotion does not happen by magic – it will be a result of your creativity. By combining the right type of communication with the right messenger, supported by the right medium (your staging), you will succeed in enlightening your guests.

Marc-Andre Routhier is a consulant, coach and video and event producer. You can contact him at (514) 933-0869 or at

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