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In this section you will find a selection of helpful checklists.  We want to make sure that you miss nothing when organizing your event, meeting, seminar, exhibition, gala, etc.

We have decided to include as many items as possible so that they can be used for different types of events; however, it is up to you to decide which elements are appropriate for your event.


Event planning, step by step

An event takes place in several stages. From the conception of the project until the end of the event, here is a list of step by step points to remember… Download document


Components of a budget

Budget planning and preparation is a time consuming process and can be challenging because there are so many details to remember. All events are different and you might not need all the items listed below for the event you are planning today, but they may come handy for a future one. Download document


Site visit checklist

This list addresses the key points that you have to verify when visiting a venue where you intend to host event. Do not overlook any detail as any one of them can be the key to your success. Download document


Handy supplies and technical aspects to verify

The supplies: An event is often divided into zones or clusters, each having its own importance and requirements to respect…Download document



Staff management

This list has the essential points for the personnel present the day of the event. These points relate to both the equipment for the personnel and the organization of their work. Download document


During and after the event

Your event is running smooth. Try to appear calm and concentrate mostly on the following points: Download document