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Yoga…and so much more!

By on May 9, 2014

When I first embarked on my yoga journey over five years ago, I didn’t think it would change my life. On the mat, I find a space where I can let go and off the mat it carries me throughout my whole day – literally. From the moment I wake up and take my first sigh, I am alive! Yoga is not just doing poses for me anymore, it is a way of life.

Yoga dates back to thousands of years ago, and emerged out of India – yoga’s birthplace. The western society came to populate it as to what we know today – this huge phenomenon that’s taking the fitness industry by storm. With yoga studios at every corner, countless designers selling stretchy pants and yoga conferences and retreats all over the world, it’s no surprise that yoga has a market in this busy lifestyle we live in. More and more people are taking yoga into their daily routines, including kids, which provide the perfect balance to any activity. Not only does it provide physical benefits such as flexibility, strength, balance and muscle toning, it also helps mentally to clear the mind and decrease levels of stress. If everyone takes at least 20mins everyday to move their body, breathe deeply and meditate, the world will be a better place. However, this is not the case. We are rushed in the morning, sometimes skip breakfast, rushed at work, then continue the cycle in the evening until we hit the sack forcefully and call it day. Take the busy entrepreneur for example, working 9-5 is not the norm anymore; early mornings, late nights, give no time for practice. Who has time to take an hour of their day to get to a gym or studio when deadlines are on the line? We are now well into 2014 and this change needs to happen NOW. Yoga will always be on the list of top fitness trends for the year, so how you will incorporate into your life is up to you.

To start, I am a student and always will be. Teaching is secondary. One of my biggest resources as a student and yoga instructor is the amount of online classes available. I can practice in the comfort of my own home, office, anywhere that has an Internet connection! I can also cater it to suit my time and needs – from 5mins to two hours and target certain areas of the body I want to focus on. This is such a growing trend that we even got one started locally! (Mon yoga virtuel – Montreal based – first ever bilingual videos available). The amount of videos on the web are countless – from yogaglo, myyogaonline, yogaanonymous to name a few. Most offer free trials and then membership rates are as low as $18/month. That’s over 100 videos you can take weekly all on your own time!

Then if and when you have time to get out, bring a friend! It’s more fun working out with a buddy. Visit your local lululemon store for complimentary classes offered by great teachers in the community. There is also Passport to Prana – for $30, you get to take a class one time at every studio located on their website. There are 35 studios just in Montreal alone. – It is recognized all over North America and Australia. Perfect for the busy traveler.

As yoga connects you to a deeper level of peace, let that peace resonate off you while you bring about your day. Start with two days a week and gradually work your way to practice everyday. Like I mentioned, it doesn’t have to be long…20mins is the perfect start. Take the time for YOU – to do something good for your mind, body and soul. Your life will thank you for it along the way.

Anamaya resort and retreat centre:

May 31-June 7, 2014

Jessie will be hosting a yoga retreat in beautiful Costa Rica. Join her for 7 days in paradise with daily yoga classes, healthy organic food, and relaxing environment, all surrounded by lush tropical gardens and beaches. Get ready for an intimate and unforgettable experience!

Your retreat includes:

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